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Sunday, July 31, 2011

1978 Rabbit Diesel 48hp 4 speed -

Silly me.

Its been a year since ive graced the mk1 discussion forum with a new buy.  I always like to share my wonderful car whoring stories with everyone.

Bouncing around on craigslist - i was actually looking for a Audi S6 wagon.  Came across small ad for 1979 Rabbit C Diesel. 98k ( its not 98k, it 129k actually ) Needs transmission - Picture showed repainted White rabbit with chrome bumpers - who doesnt want 40+ MPG?

So i drive 260 miles this morning - Temp when we left my house - was 87 at 745am. Driving a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee up to grab the car was enjoyable - AC is so nice.

Get to the guys place - hatch is locked - i ask for key - he cant find it - he looks and looks and looks - oh its in his pocket.   He tells me the hatch doesnt open -  i say well that cuz its locked , so i unlock it and open it up -  the rear hatch is CLEAN - no rot , nice paint..   Some rust bubbles on lower rear apron along seam - a knick here, bubble here, bubble there....

1978 Rabbit is what 48hp? Its a 4 speed....  but he said 1st gear dont work, have to start in second.

I fire it up - open up hood -  new alternator , new / rebuilt injection pump ( its all shiney ) fires right up, ahhh the smell of diesel fuel at 11am - nothing beats it.

I get on the ground and shocked to see - a new cat back exhaust  ( maybe there isnt even a cat on a diesel , i dont know , downpipe back , what ever )

So i hope in - he right - hard to get in second - so i do the go into second first, then up to 1st trick - works fine.   Putt around town - return ,make him an offer and hope in for my long hot journey back home.

No sunroof , no smoker windows, no ac , not even a power brake booster -   He forgot to mention to me on the phone the previous day that the passenger side window regulator dont work - luckily it goes down, but only goes half way up....

Stop at the local CASEYs fill up 4 1/2 gallons of diesel at $3.96 and we are on the way.

After the first hour home, i realize - crap i forgot sunscreen lotion for my arm, which naturally hang out the window....  that gonna hurt later...

car runs great -  going up hills - not so much..  48 HP - WHY? WHY ?  even 65 might help ya get up these back hills -   so i learned quickly to speed going down hill - so you can actually get up the next one...

Once i got on the interstate and up to 80 MPH - i did great - i stayed around 75-80 on the down hill slides - i was actually passing people which felt good in a 33 year old car.

Got to my cabin - right outside between omaha & lincoln - waved my friend following me in his Jeep a :thumbup:  and quickly got out of car and jumped in the lake to cool off my arm and myself..   here the heat index today was 107 -  my shirt was drenched, shorts were drenched and i am pretty sure i smelled.

My kids come running up to check out my new found VW and it has 2 external horn buttons - one is a dual air horn - the other sounds like a meat grinder ( you will see it in the pictures )

Silly small town folks......

So i need to find me a 4 speed shifter rebuild kit and a passenger side window regulator - once it cools off tonight, i will probably remove the bug shield and donate it to my 84 year old neighbor for his el camino.....

i should take a pic of my left arm - its RED, might be able to fry an egg on it.....

I did not enjoy the AM radio - on the FM band i couldnt get anything  so i did listen to a local baseball game on the sport radio on the AM....












I am not sure if i have ever seen this under hood thing on a car..



Looks like came from PNW -






Thursday, July 28, 2011

Borrowed a friends lamborghini diablo the other day for my birthday

1997 lamborghini diablo

Wow.   My friend has had the car for a little over a year and i texted him asking if i could take it for a spin for my birthday..  he agreed ( that is what friends are for )

I was surprised how easy it is to drive. Gated shifter with reverse located where traditionally 1st gear would be on most cars. Threw me off at a few stop lights. Luckily i figured it out.

The car going stop light to stop light in 35-40 mph traffic - was ok , but when you got on the gas - the sound of that V12 - WOW , it was a growl like no other..  So i got on highway 2 and got into it alot, of course obeying all traffic signs, speed limits...   I didnt even get into 5th gear and only 4th gear briefly.  It really GOES in third gear once you get rolling and give it some gas.

The car got alot of attention - ALOT of attention. I stopped by my sister in laws to show her and my nephew the car and with in 2 minutes we were surrounded by the whole neighborhood asking questions about the car and taking pictures and video.

It only got worse. At every intersection - i noticed people breaking out their cell phones and taking pics / video of the car while i was just cruising around.   When i got to my house - i took a few neighbors for a ride and everyone wanted a picture taken with the car..  kinda annoying, but it not very often you see a lamborghini diablo sitting in your circle...  the car was $273,000 NEW - that is crazy..

This same friend 2 years ago had a 1998 Ferrari 360 Spyder  -  i got to drive that car as well.  I think the Ferrari was easier and more fun to drive - the Lambo was probably quicker and obviously demanded ALOT more attention from people.  I only drove the ferrari for a short time , i would love to drive one again...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let the blogging begin!

Ok - been meaning to blog about my VW's for awhile.   Its always an adventure.   Maybe we should start a " guess how many vw's i go through in 2011 "    Any guess's ?

This car is on its way to me..

1987 GLI

Not sure why I love Mk1 and Mk2's so much..  but i does.   No timing belt / water pump disasters.  Parts are cheap , can do most of the work myself. Gets great gas mileage and of course...   Cold a/c

I have on the way, these..

Cant wait.  Not to excited about driving this GLI in the Nebraska winter so i might find something else in the mean time...