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Friday, January 21, 2011

Let the blogging begin!

Ok - been meaning to blog about my VW's for awhile.   Its always an adventure.   Maybe we should start a " guess how many vw's i go through in 2011 "    Any guess's ?

This car is on its way to me..

1987 GLI

Not sure why I love Mk1 and Mk2's so much..  but i does.   No timing belt / water pump disasters.  Parts are cheap , can do most of the work myself. Gets great gas mileage and of course...   Cold a/c

I have on the way, these..

Cant wait.  Not to excited about driving this GLI in the Nebraska winter so i might find something else in the mean time...


  1. nice wheels, they look like the snowflakes but I notice 5 lug.

  2. Those are the proto-type available in 5x100 and 4x100. Of course mine are 4x100