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Sunday, July 31, 2011

1978 Rabbit Diesel 48hp 4 speed -

Silly me.

Its been a year since ive graced the mk1 discussion forum with a new buy.  I always like to share my wonderful car whoring stories with everyone.

Bouncing around on craigslist - i was actually looking for a Audi S6 wagon.  Came across small ad for 1979 Rabbit C Diesel. 98k ( its not 98k, it 129k actually ) Needs transmission - Picture showed repainted White rabbit with chrome bumpers - who doesnt want 40+ MPG?

So i drive 260 miles this morning - Temp when we left my house - was 87 at 745am. Driving a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee up to grab the car was enjoyable - AC is so nice.

Get to the guys place - hatch is locked - i ask for key - he cant find it - he looks and looks and looks - oh its in his pocket.   He tells me the hatch doesnt open -  i say well that cuz its locked , so i unlock it and open it up -  the rear hatch is CLEAN - no rot , nice paint..   Some rust bubbles on lower rear apron along seam - a knick here, bubble here, bubble there....

1978 Rabbit is what 48hp? Its a 4 speed....  but he said 1st gear dont work, have to start in second.

I fire it up - open up hood -  new alternator , new / rebuilt injection pump ( its all shiney ) fires right up, ahhh the smell of diesel fuel at 11am - nothing beats it.

I get on the ground and shocked to see - a new cat back exhaust  ( maybe there isnt even a cat on a diesel , i dont know , downpipe back , what ever )

So i hope in - he right - hard to get in second - so i do the go into second first, then up to 1st trick - works fine.   Putt around town - return ,make him an offer and hope in for my long hot journey back home.

No sunroof , no smoker windows, no ac , not even a power brake booster -   He forgot to mention to me on the phone the previous day that the passenger side window regulator dont work - luckily it goes down, but only goes half way up....

Stop at the local CASEYs fill up 4 1/2 gallons of diesel at $3.96 and we are on the way.

After the first hour home, i realize - crap i forgot sunscreen lotion for my arm, which naturally hang out the window....  that gonna hurt later...

car runs great -  going up hills - not so much..  48 HP - WHY? WHY ?  even 65 might help ya get up these back hills -   so i learned quickly to speed going down hill - so you can actually get up the next one...

Once i got on the interstate and up to 80 MPH - i did great - i stayed around 75-80 on the down hill slides - i was actually passing people which felt good in a 33 year old car.

Got to my cabin - right outside between omaha & lincoln - waved my friend following me in his Jeep a :thumbup:  and quickly got out of car and jumped in the lake to cool off my arm and myself..   here the heat index today was 107 -  my shirt was drenched, shorts were drenched and i am pretty sure i smelled.

My kids come running up to check out my new found VW and it has 2 external horn buttons - one is a dual air horn - the other sounds like a meat grinder ( you will see it in the pictures )

Silly small town folks......

So i need to find me a 4 speed shifter rebuild kit and a passenger side window regulator - once it cools off tonight, i will probably remove the bug shield and donate it to my 84 year old neighbor for his el camino.....

i should take a pic of my left arm - its RED, might be able to fry an egg on it.....

I did not enjoy the AM radio - on the FM band i couldnt get anything  so i did listen to a local baseball game on the sport radio on the AM....












I am not sure if i have ever seen this under hood thing on a car..



Looks like came from PNW -






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