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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Borrowed a friends lamborghini diablo the other day for my birthday

1997 lamborghini diablo

Wow.   My friend has had the car for a little over a year and i texted him asking if i could take it for a spin for my birthday..  he agreed ( that is what friends are for )

I was surprised how easy it is to drive. Gated shifter with reverse located where traditionally 1st gear would be on most cars. Threw me off at a few stop lights. Luckily i figured it out.

The car going stop light to stop light in 35-40 mph traffic - was ok , but when you got on the gas - the sound of that V12 - WOW , it was a growl like no other..  So i got on highway 2 and got into it alot, of course obeying all traffic signs, speed limits...   I didnt even get into 5th gear and only 4th gear briefly.  It really GOES in third gear once you get rolling and give it some gas.

The car got alot of attention - ALOT of attention. I stopped by my sister in laws to show her and my nephew the car and with in 2 minutes we were surrounded by the whole neighborhood asking questions about the car and taking pictures and video.

It only got worse. At every intersection - i noticed people breaking out their cell phones and taking pics / video of the car while i was just cruising around.   When i got to my house - i took a few neighbors for a ride and everyone wanted a picture taken with the car..  kinda annoying, but it not very often you see a lamborghini diablo sitting in your circle...  the car was $273,000 NEW - that is crazy..

This same friend 2 years ago had a 1998 Ferrari 360 Spyder  -  i got to drive that car as well.  I think the Ferrari was easier and more fun to drive - the Lambo was probably quicker and obviously demanded ALOT more attention from people.  I only drove the ferrari for a short time , i would love to drive one again...

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